Thursday, January 23, 2014

Vino in Texas!

Imagine our delight when we discovered that Texas has its very own wine county! Beyond giddy and thrilled to check out what the Texas vines had to offer. We headed off to the hills last weekend, them there Texas Hills and surprise, the wine was actually good; Texas belt buckle award winning good, seriously the medals are belt buckles, this is not a fabrication and I was completely amused by this! I might want to own my very own vineyard now just so that I can win one of them there belt buckles! 

Again we had little Miss Ethel with us, so the vineyards had to be pet friendly, and we discovered that most of them were! Woo Hoo! We had the opportunity to check out Becker Vineyards and Singing Water Vineyards, both beautiful and very different.

Becker wines were great, live music, lovely grounds; a perfect place to throw down a blanket, eat some appetizers, sip on wine and enjoy the music. Seriously if we lived in San Antonio or Austin area, I am pretty sure we would spend a good portion of our weekends at Becker Vineyards; excellent atmosphere to just unwind, relax and relish the moment. 

Second stop was Singing Water, much smaller, but crazy dog friendly; so dog friendly that the owners have named their Merlot after their Golden Lab, Lupe.  In fact, they actually let Ethel come in and hang out on my lap in the tasting room and then let her tour the wine cellar with us; they loved her at Singing Water, so much so that I am actually surprised I made it out of there with her without a dognapping!

The Texas Hill Country was quite a pleasant surprise and made for a wonderful day, if you ever get the chance to visit, I highly recommend you put the Hill Country on your list of must do's! Honestly they have so many vineyards you could spend an entire weekend, all day, everyday that you're there and still not get to all of them. 

Oh and one more thing, if you make that way, stop in Fredericksburg, an adorable little German town with amazing German food; stop at The Auslander and make sure to get the beer battered mushrooms!  A-freaking-mazing!!!

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  1. What a wonderful discovery. Looks like you are finding all kind of interesting and fun places on your travels and you are really just getting started. It is amazing how little you know about places until you plant yourself there for a time. That is such a good idea. We are glad you are having fun and finding such cool places. We are enjoying the pictures of each place and your wonderful blogs that go with them.