Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Back on the road and about an hour out of Santa Fe I need to pee, like seriously need to pee, pull over and do it off the side of the road pee, even though I went before we checked out of the hotel room. So we pull up on the little half functional, half abandoned town of Vaughn, NM and I am thinking that Tom can totally top off the car while I hit the restroom, well this little Ma & Pa Station is out of gas; in fact I don't think that they actually carry gas anymore; I wasn't really sure what to think, but I needed a bathroom, so I was willing to take the risk. So I run in, do what I need to do, and then I feel the guilt of using their facilities and not spending money; so I buy a couple bottles of water and I glance over and see Nutter Butters and I think those look good, I haven't had those for ages, so I grab those too. The cute old man that happened to be working that day, grabs his cane as he stands up from his card table, where he has been smoking his cigarette and building a puzzle to ring me up, and now I am feeling bad that I am buying stuff, because I feel like I have interrupted something very important about his day, but he's made the effort, so I purchase my items, head back to the car and we are back on the road again.

Within five minutes of being back on the road again, I open the Nutter Butters, give one to Tom and I take the other one; we both take a bite and look at each other and can't quite figure out what is wrong; they don't taste like peanut butter, they kind of taste like the gas station smelled.  I immediately look at the package, they expired almost two years ago!!!! Needless to say, it might be awhile before I can eat a Nutter Butter again or if I ever stop in Vaughn, NM it will be too soon!

We officially hit Roswell and went directly down to Main St. which is where all the crazy alien fun is; totally cliche', even the McDonald's there is shaped like an alien space ship! Although Roswell was lots of fun, there really isn't much to do there; especially with the holiday, everyone was closing early, but I would guess even with every place running on regular hours that one day would be plenty of time to spend in the city.

The night we were in Roswell also coincided with New Years Eve, so what do you do when your in a new town, staying in a hotel and have a furchild with you that doesn't do so well in new places. Well you order dinner in, we actually ordered from Big D's Downtown Dive, open a bottle of port from the wine cellar and sit around making aluminum foil hats to prevent any possible alien abductions! Such a great and fun night, and just to add, Roswell surprisingly had the best food of the entire road trek! Yeah, shocker; imagine our surprise when we bit into the deliciousness!

Next stop "Home Sweet San Antonio!"

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  1. I wrote a comment and lost it somehow so I will try again. I loved the story about the gas station, peeing and the nutter butter you bought. Whenever Tony and I go on a road trip I have to map out where all the bathroom stops are because my worst nightmare is having no place to stop. So this gave me a good belly laugh. I'm glad you made it safe and sound to your first home base. Enjoy the rest of your trip and have fun in San Antonio.