Sunday, November 3, 2013

Road Warrior

You're looking at our new home! We picked this beast up last weekend and have really been enjoying breaking her in.  This baby is far cry from a Mini Cooper and our X3 and I am still getting used to the size of her. In fact, I've already managed to scratch one of the rims on a curb, yes a non moving curb; mock me if you must.  

This bad girl is really comfortable and offers pretty much any amenity you could think of and then some. We ran a test pack yesterday and it looks like she is going to provide us with plenty of space for everything that we are taking with us, except for the golf clubs, we may need a roof rack just for them..

On another note, the POD is ordered and "Operation Pack Up the House" is in full force, so if you stop by for a visit, you'll have to navigate through the trail of boxes. Also, we will be taking off a little quicker than we had originally planned and with a minor detour due to the house selling faster than we had anticipated. Official launch date is looking like December 13th with a quick stop to Mexico for some R&R and then off for a Phoenix Christmas, let the countdown begin!