Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Long Time Gone

So much has happened in our world since my last post. Tom got a new job, we bought a home, we lost our Ethel, we’ve traveled, we adopted Penny.

Why the absence? Adjusting back to settled life and Utah was way harder than I thought it would be. Being amongst friends/family again has been wonderful, but my gypsy soul has been aching. It is hard to write when you’re not quite content with where you are at. I’ve been working on coming to grips with it all and realizing that this is where we need to be, where the Universe wants us right now, so I need to embrace it and stop fucking wallowing. Yes, I gave myself a pep talk and a come to Jesus!

Work front, Tom loves his job! He is the VP of Technology/CTO of a local ad agency and loves their vision and the projects he gets to be a part of. I walked right back into my position as the Fitness Coordinator at the Rec Center, and have the pleasure of bringing health and wellness into people’s lives again. Or torture, depending on how you look at it!

Our home is one of a kind, built by a local architect, Lester Petitt. It is round, magical, and if we are going to be in Utah, I can’t imagine living in any other home. Its quirkiness suits us and its proximity to Millcreek Canyon, Downtown and Park City is more than ideal.

Ethel, our best friend, passed away in December at the ripe age of 17. Eight months later and I still tear up at the mention of her name. That girl was pretty much our world for ten years and experienced so much life with us, needless to say I am still healing. Losing her broke my heart and it’s been a slow, slow recovery.

To cope with our loss, we’ve traveled, a lot. Palm Springs for the holidays, Page, AZ to escape the Utah winter inversion, Portugal because we haven’t been to Europe in ages, and Canada for solitude and to escape Americans blowing things up for the 4th of July. Did it help? A little, the freedom was nice, something we haven’t had in many years; having an aging critter definitely impacts the way you vacation.

However, there was still in hole in our hearts, so here enters Penny, a four-year-old dachshund, and the newest member of the Compagno family. Penny is adorably fat, and is quickly taking over our hearts. Little does she know what she is in for, poor girl.