Thursday, January 9, 2014

Home Sweet San Antonio

Beyond ready for a steady place to stay, not that a week and half on the road wasn't fun, but it was the constant unpacking and repacking of the car during the trek that was getting pretty tiresome, you've seen the pictures, its not an easy task. We landed in San Antonio on New Years day and happier than ever to just unwind and do laundry, oh the mounds of laundry we had accumulated, and to eat a real home cooked meal, we had not had one of those since we were in Phoenix. Seriously it's the simple luxuries that we were missing the most during the period on the road.

We rented this really cute furnished home via Airbnb (, just north of downtown San Antonio with oodles of space and its adorable factor just tops it off! Downfall, it wasn't up to the standard of "Bonnie clean," and by God, if I am going to live her for a month, the place is going to be douched! I know that some might call me a little neurotic or OCD when it comes to what I view the standard of clean, but clean baseboards, window sills, blinds and not having dust bunnies under the bed should be the standard, right? I totally could've handled a day or two in the state it was, I just couldn't handle a month without a deep clean, so the owners got one, whether or not they wanted it! In fact I spent an entire day, from top to bottom, cleaning and disinfecting the place and now I feel much better! This place is clean, "Bonnie Clean" and I could eat off the floor now if I so chose to do so!

On the positive notes, the house is really close, and by close, I mean within half a mile or less of a ton of great restaurants, boutique shops and the market, so I can virtually walk everywhere. There is even a park a little less than a mile away that makes for a fun run and the super cute Yoga studio that I found just down the road so I can still get my fitness on and get out of the house while Tom is off supporting my lady of leisure status!

The back yard is fully fenced and Miss Ethel has adapted surprisingly well to her new surroundings. In fact there are a couple of neighborhood cats and a ton of squirrels in and out of the backyard on a regular basis, so you can imagine how excited she is to go sniff out a new trail every time she goes outside; she can easily spend thirty minutes out there and not even realize I've just left her to her own devices by going inside without her. We have yet to leave her here by herself, but it's officially been a week now, I am pretty sure she will be able to cope; it is just a matter of deciding to leave her outside or let her have free rein of the house while we are out. I'll keep you posted on her survival for the first go it alone adventure for her!

The three of us are off for a weekend adventure tomorrow and will be Austin bound, so any tips and recommendations, ones that are dog friendly in Austin would be greatly appreciated. We love any help and/or tips you all are willing to send our way, we love hearing from you our friends, family and readers.


  1. Your San Antonio home is adorable and does seem to have tons of room. Oh, I was so once the OCD of clean but that ship has sailed a bit since my heart and shoulder problems. Now instead of a cute little pup or a kitty, I will just settle for a few (I try to keep it to that) dust bunnies. Enjoy your stay. I love reading about all your adventures.