Thursday, January 30, 2014

Texas Company

We had guests in San Antonio! Mark, a coworker of Tom's stayed with us a few days during the week over the month that we were here and he would bring his adorable basset/beagle Penny with him. We had such a great time with both of them and Ethel and Penny totally hit it off . The two, four legged kids, couldn't get enough of frolicking and hunting down the trails of critters that would ventured in and out of the back yard and then chasing them up the trees. Some day's I would just find them sitting out there on the grass staring down the tree, daring a squirrel to magically appear!

Mark was also my saving grace, he brought me his Dyson from home each week so I could keep things "Bonnie" clean. Seriously, it takes a vacuum to send me over the moon and make this girl grin from ear to ear, I am not high maintenance at all, just bring me cleaning products!  Not only did I get to vacuum rugs and furniture, but today, the day before we head to New Orleans, I was able to suck the air out of all my Magic Bags! Woo hoo, otherwise I would have been hunting down a car wash today with a round vacuum hose and heaven forbid I eliminate some of  the wardrobe selection.

Did I mention that Penny and Ethel got along great, from stealing each others beds on more than one occasion (they each took a liking to the others bed), sharing my lap and having fun running around the living room chasing each other; it is really going to be hard to say goodbye to that girl, for all of us. I contemplated dog napping Penny, but am not sure how I can have a 12 lbs dog and a 40 lbs dog both on my lap for the long road days, if I could figure that one out, I am pretty sure I'd have to hide her and tell Mark she ran off somewhere.

So thank you Mark and Penny for adding an extra element of fun to San Antonio, you both made our stay here that much more memorable!

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