Friday, May 30, 2014

Sailing, Takes Me Away...

The day began with a quick meeting in Union Square as Heather, her youngest and I met up for a day of schizophrenic weather and a much longer walk than either of us ever intended. We strolled through Greenwich and the West Village giving our umbrellas a workout as the rain couldn't make up its mind; stopping for pastries, play, potholes and lunch.  Yes, potholes, there was a garbage can size pothole in the middle of the road, so Heather being the concerned citizen that she is called 311 to report it, and they transferred her to 911. Now this pothole was a concern, but I’m not sure it warranted a transfer to 911. With all the hoops the city of New York needed in order to report a pothole, I feel as though Heather and I should have personally dressed up as street cones and directed traffic; seriously, it would have been easier than making a phone call.
Being Fancy in a Fancy Park
Once our civic duty was complete, we continued to stroll, landing upon a Mexican dive where we relaxed and enjoyed some sangria - a visit we stayed a little too long for, unaware we created mayhem for ourselves by fully enjoying lunch and visiting.  Who knew we would need to run 2.5 miles across Battery Park, Heather pushing a stroller and myself in a low cut dress and flip flops causing a lot of people to turn their heads our way and stare, we were quite the spectacle, but we had a pirate ship to catch dammit and we were going to make it, swoob and all!

Did we make it? Yes and no! The plank had been pulled, but thanks the slow boat in front of us and that adorable little guy of Heather's, the Captain had the crew set out the gangplank and let us cross. Seriously, who would tell one of the cutest two years old's ever that he couldn't go for a boat ride? And yes, we were those people, but we made it, a bit of a hot mess, but we got to go sailing nonetheless!

Heather and Grant
Sailing along the New York skyline and the Statue of Liberty was amazing; watching the crew work the sails, taking in the view and cooling down with the ocean breeze after our arduous run was the perfect end to our self-inflicted chaos! Completely worth the sweat and the stress and I have the pictures to prove it! So enjoy because we sure as hell did! 

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