Friday, May 23, 2014

All Things Met

New York City and the Metropolitan Museum of Art go hand in hand; you can’t visit this great metropolis without seeing The Met, in fact I think it is some unspoken tourist code to grab a cup of coffee, pop a squat on those famous stairs, and contemplate the wonders of life and art. We downed our energy juice, trust me, we needed it in order to support our hours-long stroll through the vast halls; then a perfect end to an already great day, we basked in awe and wonder from the rooftop garden, glass of wine in hand, relaxed, and took in the serenity of Central Park from above and marveled at the city’s amazing skyline!

The MET holds art ranging from modern to ancient, from Egypt to China, and Renaissance to the Medieval, basically you name it and they have it; Tom and I easily spent half a day roaming the halls and we barely scratched the surface of what this place has to offer. While we roamed the halls, studying the Rembrandt's I had an epiphany that these portraits are simply old school selfies; I know it sounds horrible and the art community is going to hate me, but think about it, it’s totally true!

The Adorable Ms. Heather and the best New York City Tour Guide
An extension of the Met is The Cloisters and I was privileged enough to take to the outskirts of the city with our beautiful friend Heather, to bask in the beauty of this medieval working monastery. We browsed the unicorn tapestries, the genealogy of Jesus and the exquisite gardens The Cloisters boasts. I am not a religious person and maybe we were blasphemous by pondering the thought of Jesus's "being" instead of just “believing”, but the genealogy of Jesus kind of threw me for a loop; don’t they teach Immaculate Conception? So there is no genealogy, unless he was half human or full human? Now you can all be as confused as Heather and I and to see the genealogy only confirmed my beliefs he was as human as Buddha, Gandhi and Muhammad. I know now I have struck a chord with the Christians as well as the art community; I am two for two today. 

Post Cloisters, and in deep thought about weird unicorn tapestry depictions of marriage confinement and fertility, Heather and I popped over to the New Leaf for a little wine and deep thought - okay, that is a lie, lots of giddy conversations. We were even more giddy as we learned the value of a great napkin origami hat by all the seniors in the restaurant.  Apparently the tent top and cloud cover weren't nearly enough sun protection. In all reality I shouldn't laugh at this still, because in truth, I'm pretty sure this is exactly what my future holds.  

I feel I should give Heather some introduction, since her and her family will be a large aspect of my posts in regards to New York. Heather is a sorority sister from ZTA, from the good ole' SUU days, she worked with Tom at Matrix - and her husband, Willy, was none other than Tom's boss. So we all go way back, in fact I am pretty sure Heather is my kindred spirit and we have a ton of wonderful memories from back in the day. Also, do me all a huge favor, and next time you see Tom, ask him about the time he came to New York for the Rolonda Show! I promise, you'll want to hear all about this, its a story you'll want to know! 

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  1. What a fantastic write up on your time in NYC. I had everything from tears in my eyes at the Ellis Island to bursting out laughing at remembering the Rolonda Show. I would NEVER have thought Tom would do something so OUT THERE. What a riot. The photos are amazing and you have so much writing talent. I can just hear your voice describing all of this. I love reading your blog. Thanks for taking time to take us all on your trip with you. Have fun in PA.