Tuesday, May 6, 2014

An Interim Home

We had a few days in between Washington DC and New York that we didn't have a place to land, so we opted to use some free hotel nights at the Bedford Springs Omni for a nice little stop over, plus a slower pace in between city stops sounded delightful.  When we drove up to the hotel it was like taking a step back in time, a step onto the set of Dirty Dancing, circa 1963 when families would spend summers at hotel resorts which offered up daily activities; I seriously could not wait to book my ballroom dance class and basket weaving lessons. Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but they did offer a bunch of other activities ranging from Yoga, history tours of the grounds, hiking, biking and Segway tours and evening s'mores around the campfire; what more could the Compagno's ask for!

The history of this hotel is amazing and I have to share a little of it so you can grasp the incredible factor of it. Bedford Springs was built in 1796 and has had the pleasure to host ten United States Presidents, seven of them during their Presidential reigns; we literally walked the same halls these great men once walked. The hotel was built around eight natural springs that have been used for their healing powers, in fact the springs actually are used to fill the indoor pool today and they provide their own bottled water from the springs on the resort to their guests. Bedford Springs also boasts one of the countries first and oldest golf courses, which unfortunately due to crazy weather we didn't have the pleasure to play a round.

While we were there I convinced Tom to partake of the charm of the area and go on a covered bridge tour; I thought it was awesome and he totally appeased me. Our self guided tour took about two hours to drive through the Pennsylvania countryside, past vineyards and farms; the area was absolutely stunning and well worth the time. The entire loop includes fourteen bridges in all, but we did a quick speed through of the ones we were interested in and saw five of them, we/I wanted to see a few more of them but we missed some do to a lack of persistence and ability to follow instructions; regardless we were pretty satisfied with what we did see and I am pretty sure Tom secretly thought it was too.



Our stop over was a nice in between although the Omni wasn't up to its normal level of service, which was a surprise to us because as a hotel chain they generally offer up some pretty great service regardless to the location; I don't know if they were slammed while we were there, but we had to call down to the front desk everyday for fresh towels because housekeeping skipped our room both days we were there. Plus all the extra perks with Tom' Black Level we are accustomed to upon check in weren't up to appropriate standard; I have come to appreciate the chilled bottle of wine upon check in or the little doggy treats they leave for Ethel. So we were all a little disappointed, but to have a bed to land on and one surrounded by such beautiful scenery made the lackluster service sort of fade away. Oh and the pool, the pool helped! 

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