Friday, December 13, 2013

Square One

So what do you do when you get all the way to the closing table, sign docs and then funds never come? You pour yourself a very large glass, let’s say bottle size glass of wine, and you sit down and repeatedly say, “Well fuck, this really sucks!”  Then as you get to the end of that bottle you seem to have gained some strength, a little composure and you start to use other words in your vocabulary other than foul obscenities.  An hour after you’re done with the bottle, you’re no longer angry; of course we aren’t counting the random turret bursts of fuck still flying from my mouth as anger, these are just coping mechanisms and helping me build a new plan, a non angry plan, a constructive plan, one that doesn’t involve me keying somebody’s car plan. So yeah, the Compagno’s are back to the drawing board on the house.

But  all my awesome drunk and non angry planning worked like a charm and it goes back up on the market as of today and for the sake of my sanity, let’s hope it sells to people with more than Monopoly money!  

The real issue and the make a plan part that I am struggling with is the furniture, the previous buyers had planned on buying most of it with their “funny money” and it is still in the house and the kicker, we leave for Mexico tonight, so we’re really restricted on time to get it resolved. We get back from Mexico on the 21st and were supposed to hit the road on the 22nd, but right now I am not sure what that is going to look like since the most rational one I can think of is to come home and have an estate sale and get it sold over that week. Some part wants to leave the furniture here and keep the house staged but then eventually we will have to make accommodations to come back and take care of it, or list the furniture online and find a middle man to take the money and meet them for pick up; but I worry about random people in the house, moving furniture and banging up walls (if somebody volunteers to be our middle man and make sure nothing gets ruined, I promise to pay a sellers fee). Or there is always order another POD, have it delivered on the 23rd and load everything up, but I am just cringing at the idea of paying double the money a month to store stuff. So lots of ideas, just struggling to commit to one, although the practical side of me says delay the trip for a week, and get the furniture sold.

So here is hoping that a week on the beach will clear my head and come up with a strategy that will be best for us in the long run and make the journey a little easier.

So and constructive recommendations and ideas would be helpful and appreciated. Anybody ever have to deal with something similar to this?


  1. That totally sucks. I'm so sorry. I'm sure you will figure it all out. Let us know if there is anything we can do. Sherry said something about wishing she had bought your chair?? Maybe Bonnie can talk to her about that.

  2. We had the same problem except we were trying to buy another house. We embed up living in Cody's mother's house for 6 months. Whatever you do, don't get talked into a lease back. Just start all over with new buyers. I'm sorry for you. How frustrating.

    1. They had wanted to rent it until the funds came through, but my gut was screaming NO! So we didn't let them and thank God because now we would have to deal with evicting them!