Friday, December 27, 2013

Beach Clarity

There is just something about the salt air and the sand between your toes that brings so much clarity and allows one to think so clearly. So with that we came back from Mexico and officially hit the road and will just deal with the dice as they roll.

As of right now the house is back up on the market and we figure we will wait and see what happens. If need be one of us can fly back and deal with selling off the furniture or utilizing all of our amazing friends and family that have volunteered to help, but in the mean time we figure why stress over things we have no control. Pictures have been taken of the furniture so we do have a plan and truly feel so blessed to have as many people offer to help us out; we really do have some kick ass people in our lives!

But as for now, The Compagno's are officially road bound, and enjoying the journey so far!

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