Thursday, October 24, 2013

Under Contract

Who knew that deciding to live the life of nomads would be exactly what the Universe wanted for us. The stars are aligning a little quicker than expected and today we received an amazing offer on our home, so officially under contract we go.

The downside, we close on December 6th, and need to be out by December 8th; so a crash course in the art of being homeless is also in the cards for us. Thank God for extended stay hotels or Grandma's house, if I can convince her to take all three of us in for the holidays; pretty please, Grandma!

Also, I might be in complete and utter shock right now that this is all really happening; so if you talk to me and I seem to be off somewhere, it might be because I am in the middle of a minor panic attack or I am compiling a list in my head of all the shit that needs to be accomplished in the next five weeks.

Seriously, we are selling our home and getting rid of the majority of our belongings to pretty much live out of a car and travel; if I wasn't adamantly against drug use, I would honestly think we were smoking crack! "What are we thinking?" "Have we officially gone nuts?" These are the thoughts flashing through my mind right at this very moment! And then there is, "this is going to be fucking awesome", and I'm at peace again.

So uh, reciprocity! All those we have helped move over the years, we will be calling in a return favor. Fortunately things will only have to be moved from the house to our POD in the drive way, and hopefully most of the furniture at that point will be sold, so woo hoo! You all are getting off easy! Oh and thanks in advance, we really appreciate the future help!

And last but not least, thanks for all the good energy everyone has sent out on quick sale; we really appreciate it and are so happy to have you all along for this crazy and amazing journey we're setting out on! We love you all, especially Grandma!


  1. Well, you know you are always welcome here. We are stuck here for Christmas due to a project Dad is working on. So if all else fails, you always have Tempe and us. Everything seems to be going in the direction that is pushing you to do your thing. So you will be fine. If you hate it you can always come here to stay anytime and we won't even ask you why or what happened. How's that for WE LOVE YOU. :) Congratulations on the contract. Best of luck to you on the sale. HUGS!

  2. WOW! Cool and scary at the same time.