Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Just Listed

This happened today! We are officially one giant step closer to becoming homeless; unsure if I should be excited about this epic step or if I should cry. This has been our home for 14 1/2 years and deciding to let go of it has definitely had its emotional moments; we have some amazing memories here and letting go of the house that built them is tough!

I think about all the Halloween, Birthday and Christmas Eve parties that have happened under this roof; there has got to be close to a hundred people that have felt at home here enough to literally pass out in our spare bedrooms, on the couches or anywhere the floor looked most comfortable at 2am.

The additions and the improvements that we've added to make our home unique and ours; the basement, the giant deck and the crooked doggie door that Tom installed (btw, this makes me smile every time I look at it); all the little things that make it special because of the love that was put into them, they will all be missed.

Then there are those moments of panic, the what-the-hell are we thinking flashes that pop into my brain on a regular basis; all the "what if's" that could go wrong. Ugh! We truck on though, we work through the doubts, knowing that we can always come back and that home is wherever we are as a family; that the memories reside in us and not in physical things, remembering that change is good and that we have one hell of an amazing journey ahead of us!

So send good karma that the "Compagno Hotel" sells quick and to somebody that will cherish and love it as much as we have. 


  1. Best of luck to you. Just take it from one who has been there more often than she would like, you get over it and on to a new adventure. Enjoy whatever comes next in your exiting lives. Hugs

  2. I hope it sells quick. Love you guys. How are you finding the places you are going to rent for each month? Is there some site you are using? Did you get the minivan? I hope you have a blast on this new journey. :-)

    1. Thanks Sondi!
      We have a deposit on a car and will probably pick it up next Friday; down in your neck of the woods! : ) We are going to end up getting the Ford Flex, we just couldn't do the mini-van!
      We are using AirBnB to find the homes we are renting; its a great site if you haven't checked it out. If we get to a city that doesn't have a home we like through them, we will have to figure something else out, but so far everything looks good. www.airbnb.com

  3. P.S. You may want to retain or check into insurance in case you leave a lot of stuff in the car or van and it is stolen. That happened to my brother once and he lost his favorite guitar among other things while staying at a friends house over night. Just a thought. Good luck on the sale of your place. It is so lovely I am sure it will go really fast.