Sunday, October 6, 2013


Some may call it hoarding, I just like to think that I have organization down to a science!

We have started going through files and cleaning out things that we have not used in years, the slim down before the real packing commences. During this purging I might have realized that I hold on to things way too long, I mean, doesn't everyone still have taxes from 1993? Needless to say, the shredder has had a meltdown due to the vast amounts of shredding I have put it through. By the way, side note here, Shred Masters is my saving grace right now!

I have decided that living in one place for almost fifteen years, may not be a good thing. Why? Well, you keep things, things you totally think you'll use later, then surprise you never did and you're left pondering, "why in the hell did I ever hold onto this!" Things, like taxes, that I didn't realize went back twenty fucking years, totally blaming my awesome organization skills on this one; so easy to just put the new file in the back of the filing cabinet and not even think, huh, maybe I should remove the year that is now out of the seven year window. Oh and would anybody like a manual or the warranty to my last blender? If so, it is neatly filed and organized and yours for the taking!

I don't even want to mention the amount of visits that Tom and I have taken to Deseret Industries in the last few weeks, I will just let you know that they might know our names and recognize our SUV when we pull up. Carts circle the vehicle and the workers eyes might light up like it's Christmas morning; although a few more visits and they might be giving me the number to a therapist to discuss my hoarding, uh I mean, organization!

It has been so liberating to get rid of stuff! We both were talking yesterday about how much lighter we are already beginning to feel and the freedom of not be tied down to things brings a person. It has been a very refreshing and cleansing experience for both of us and we aren't even to the big items yet! I can't wait, every little thing we get rid of gets us that much more excited for the road that lies ahead! 

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  1. Congratulations on your liberation from THINGS. We have been slowly denesting (I call it) for many years now and yes, we are so free now. We never feel the need to go get more STUFF either. We only buy something if we need it to replace something really old or for function. It is great. You will be happy you went through this process. Yes, you are a Capricorn Bonnie, I am also GREAT at organizing and you can save a lot of stuff you don't need when you are good at that. I need to learn from you how to pack for trips though. For some reason I still take too much on trips. I don't use have of what I take. Enjoy the process. We love reading about it. HUGS!