Wednesday, March 5, 2014


One of the first weekends in the "Big Easy" we took the opportunity to ride the free ferry (which now cost $2, it changed just before we left) across the river; that big ol' Mississippi to Algiers. Now I'm not going to say that I was disappointed, but this is not the Mississippi River that Mark Twain had imprinted in my mind. Now granted times have changed, but part of me was still hoping to see some of that historic charm, the steamboats riding up and down the river, and not your run of the mill tourist attractions steamboats, but real ones with people dancing, cruising and just getting around, because you know that is what I had envisioned; damn that Mark Twain for putting all those false, pretty ideas in my head!
City View From Ferry:

Algiers took the “Big Easy” to a whole new level, this place was laid back and chill, I just wanted to pull up a park bench and do absolutely nada, and spend all day doing said nothingness here.  It exuded charm, the people were pleasant and we all enjoyed a relaxing get-a-way, even Ethel. We stopped at Tout De Suit CafĂ© for brunch, sitting outside, enjoying the Parisian like atmosphere while sitting across from the park and kiddy corner to the Holy Name of Mary Church.  It all makes for a great atmosphere, especially as the church bells chime every quarter hour, it was a lovely way to spend a Sunday, watching people come and go from mass, and even better when the food was top notch!
 Tout De Suit Cafe:

Now, I am not saying you just have to be lazy and just eat when you visit Algiers; this town is quite charming, you can walk around and take in the homes, or even run/bike the levee top bike/run path, the path runs two miles and gives you an amazing view across the Mississippi to French Quarter of New Orleans, how can you resist exercise when absorbing that view! Just channel your inner Mark Twain, and visualize it the way I did! 

For the $2 it costs now, it is much cheaper than taking one of the tourist trap steamboats, and you get to see the real aspect of New Orleans. I highly recommend it, save yourself the extra 60 bucks! 


  1. May I just say, your beautiful pictures are good enough to build a travel book. What wonderful and unique places to see and experience. I'm sure that many other just like me would have never guessed at what New Orleans has to offer as far as tourism goes. When I think of that area I ONLY really think about Mardi Gras or the river boats and music, sounds and food. It is wonderful to envelope yourself in the culture more and see things others may never even know about while you are in these places. I'm sure some will be better than others but isn't that life really? :) Tony and I are having fun riding along with you through your blog. Thanks for taking the time to write about these areas and take such WONDERFUL pictures. Have fun.

  2. I'm glad that you made it over there - a whole different world, right? I loved the super colorful shotgun houses. Love your adventures!