Friday, March 14, 2014

Home Sweet Lake Norman

We have been in North Carolina for almost two weeks now; I am just realizing that I still haven’t given you all a peek at our Adorable A-Frame Lake House that we are living in for March. Wow, time flies when you are off playing, especially when I am trying like hell to play catch up on the blog with all the New Orleans fun that we experienced. So thank you for patience with me and just sufficing with Instagram photos for the past bit until I get you all the down low on how delightful and wonderful this place is.

We ended up on a fluke in Mooresville, North Carolina; we had intended on Nashville and then Savannah, but we waited too long to book a place to stay while all the ins and outs of the sale of our place in Salt Lake was going on, and then couldn’t find anything in those areas.  So here we are and am I ever so glad that we landed here, it is stunning and a breath of fresh air. 

Mooresville sits right on Lake Norman; in fact I am staring at the lake while I write this post. This town is also deemed, “Race City USA,” and boasts a ton of NASCAR museums, home to Penske racing and numerous NASCAR drivers. I know absolutely nothing about racing and I hear that it's kind of a big deal, so I am going to try like hell to muster up some enthusiasm for it and I am going to avoid referring to it as “The Redneck Round and Round” while we are here; I am pretty sure it wouldn't go over to well, and I might get the boot and now I am visualizing a real life Rambo event happening! This past weekend we hit up a car museum and to give it credit, the cars were really cool and of course Tom’s face lit up like Christmas morning, especially when he saw the bright red 66 Mustang!

Lake Norman is huge and gorgeous and there is just something about water that balances me out and makes me come alive; I wake up every morning smiling knowing I get to look out over this amazing body of water and can’t wait to get outside and smell the air, or it could just be that spring is around the corner, but I'm going with the water. Not to mention the home we are staying in just exudes charm, if it was human it would literally sweat it from every pore of its being; it has this crazy eclectic energy to it and I spot something new that I hadn’t noticed before that just gives me a grin.

So here she is, our home for the month of March:

Shelf in the kitchen, how many random items can you find that make you smile?
 Master Bedroom with Reading Nook:
 The Yard:
Peaking through our backyard and out onto the lake

Other updates, the house is officially empty of furniture as of yesterday and ready to go for the new owners. We had sell number two fail on the house two weeks ago, but we were lucky that we had some very eager buyers with a back up offer that made number three truly a charm and we signed docs last night! Fingers crossed that funds show up!

Also, I just want to give a huge shout out to some amazing people who have been so gracious with their time and so willing to do the things we are not there to do for ourselves! So first up, my brother Rodger and his wife Staci, thank you so much for meeting people to get things out of the house, patching and painting walls after all the furniture was out and just checking on the house for us on a regular basis. To my neighbor, Sid, for checking on the house, taking apart our bed frame, meeting movers and cleaning up the house after agents and potential buyers tracked snow through the place. To our agent Audrey, for going above and beyond what an agent should do and meeting people to buy furniture, keeping the house clean and keeping me sane! And last but not least, thank you to Pat and Camille, for allowing us to use your basement as a storage unit for the pieces of furniture we decided to keep! We truly couldn't do this without you all and we appreciate everything you have done for us! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

We are off to Asheville this weekend for a little celebrating, so Biltmore posts to commence soon!

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