Monday, February 3, 2014

Home Sweet New Orleans!

January flew by and I can't believe we are already over one month into our journey, time goes by too quickly! Which means we are onto our next location and new home for the month, and NOLA it is, whether or not it's ready for the Compagnos! We are so excited to be here and we can't wait to see what this city holds for us over the next month, especially with Carnival in full effect! This is a city we have been to before and loved, but experienced as tourists the last time we were here and this time we are looking forward to seeing it from a locals perspective, seeing the neighborhoods and the day to day life that really make New Orleans one of a kind, a city like no other in the world!

Our new place is so charming and so much more than we expected; seriously, the pictures don't do this place justice! We are in are fantastic neighborhood, Carrollton, just off of Oak Street and everything we need is within walking distance. In fact, the Bikram Yoga studio is literally like walking three houses down, Audubon Park and its amazing running trails within in a mile, and we are just a five minute walk to picking up the street car to the French Quarter. I get all this amazingness in exchange for no dishwasher! That is right, I am hand washing dishes, I am channeling my younger self, before I knew the magic of this fabulous machine. I am not going to lie, it's hard, really hard to not have amenities one is so accustomed to, but I'm taking it in stride and the pros so make up for the cons at this place!

So here it is, our little Oak St. Charmer rented again from airbnb and loving it, dishwasher or not!

How cute is this to store your silverware?
A vanity station, I've never had one of these before!

And the adorable neighborhood that is literally just out our door! 


So anybody that has recommendations of must do's off the beaten path in New Orleans, we are up for suggestions and ideas, so throw them at us!

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  1. Your NO place is simply adorable. I love this type of place where there is a part of the local culture in every piece of furniture and even the silverware holders. Yes, it is great to get a feel for the people and places all around you which you do not get as a tourist. So enjoy your stay and have a great time. You are missed but it is great reading your blog and viewing your pictures. Thank you.