Friday, August 15, 2014

Home Sweet Boston

Front of Complex
We found our Boston home smack in the Charlestown Navy Yard. Charlestown dawns the prestige of being the oldest neighborhood in the metropolis of Boston, as well as home to the U.S.S. Constitution and BunkerHill. Being situated right on the Boston Harbor and Mystic River, makes for an excellent front row seat to the sunrise over the city and lovely evening walks for the family right along the harbor; we really couldn't have asked for a more perfect location to stay while here.

A little history on the area: Charlestown was the first capital of the Massachusetts Bay Colony all the way back to 1629 and it is home to the oldest Navy Yard in the country. The U.S.S. Independence, the very first Navy ship, was built right down the road from us and the area we are staying is now part of the National Park Service. Our home in Boston isn't to be excluded from this history either, it was once the metal shop for the Navy, of course completely rehabbed but still exudes that character of what it once was.

Our condo represents a plethora of history and when the building was converted in the 1980’s they did an amazing job at leaving the facade of its roots, many of details were left so that you can still see the representation of its rich past. Each unit holds the original windows and the exposed brick interior walls, adding that rustic old feel, while blending with a touch of modern. This is a place where you can feel the history, but still relax in the comfort of current day amenities; I can only begin to imagine the stories these walls hold. Besides beautifully shaped arched windows, this place boasts vaulted ceilings, a giant skylight and a tin roof. The tin roof I had the pleasure of thoroughly enjoying yesterday as a rainstorm came in, listening to the soothing sound of the “tap, tap, tap,” of the rain as it hit the roof; hearing that cleansing rejuvenation of the rain just added to the charm and energy of this place, causing me to fall even more in love with it.

View from Harbor Walk
And to top off the perfection of this place, the building itself as well as the community are very pet friendly. The condo complex has a huge dog park for the resident critters as well as being one block away from the Boston Harbor Walk and kiddie corner from Menino Park along the waterfront. Needless to say, Miss Ethel has plenty of options to mark her territory and explore which makes for a happy girl, which in turn makes for very happy humans.  

Charlestown gives that small community feel while still being able to be part of big city life. We are just a quick walk across the bridge or we can take the ferry over to Long Wharf in Central Boston, depending on where we want to go and what we happen to be up to that day. Being in a walking city again is so refreshing, knowing we never have to pull the Flex out of the parking garage and that we can access anything we need by foot again has breath of fresh air. Who knew we would fall in love with the idea of not having a car and the convenience of public transit; a shocking surprise for both of us and a definite must to wherever we land.

So here is our Airbnb gem and Navy Yard Condo for the month of August:


  1. What an amazing place to stay and your meanderings are simply fantastic. Few have ever had all the experiences that you have during this trip. Please continue to have all the fun and collect all those memories as you have been doing so when you are settled down you can remember them over and over again. Keep on having a blast. With all our love and hugs

    1. Thanks Diane. I keep hoping we can convince you and Tony to come out and visit us on one of our stays, it would be great to share a slice of it with you! :)

  2. Cool... I would love to stay there.

  3. I really love Boston and I haven't been there in years. Tin roof, rain storms, and rehabbed historic factory - sounds so dreamy! XO