Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tuscany or North Carolina?

There is a reason that Jesus turned water into wine, its amazing, and regardless of where we happen to be at the time, I can always manage to find a vineyard, its like a sixth sense that I have; so the Compagno's hit the road and landed upon the gem, Raffaldini!

Now you know the wines have to be great when Raffaldini family motto is, "Fortune favors those who dare," and this little reminder is on every bottle of wine they sell; I don't know about you all, but the closer I get to the end of the bottle, the more daring I tend to get! Of course I am slightly kidding here, but it is a great reminder as you sit down to relax and open a bottle of their wine; it puts a little perspective on the fortunes of ones lives and not just the monetary, but of living and loving life to the fullest!
The vineyard reminded me so much of Napa and Sonoma Valley as the grape vines covered rolling hills and went on for days and just when they were out of sight, another vineyard with more vines would pop up just around the corner. Needless to say Raffaldini was beautiful, the tasting was delightful and finishing up the tour with a lovely picnic on the grounds was the crème de la crème. Wine, view and picnic made for a perfect afternoon.

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  1. What an amazing gem to find in NC. Who knew? Your pictures are yet again amazing. Your eye for just the right shot is wonderful. Thanks for sharing them here.